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Anchorage, AK's eye specialist of choice for consultation and evaluations

Complete eye care services
When it comes to selecting an eye specialist in the Anchorage, AK area, there are lots of choices. But we encourage you to make your choice based on factors other than convenience. Think about the credentials you want your eye specialist to have. Where did they go to school? What are their specialties? At Family Vision Center, we'll be happy to provide you with these answers and any others you may have. After all, we want to be your partner in the care and health of your eyes for years to come.

So when you're choosing an eye specialist, we encourage you to call us in Anchorage for an appointment. We'll be happy to show you what qualified, compassionate eye care looks like!
Excellent service at our eye specialist in Anchorage, AK

Communication counts

When it comes to your matters of health, some professionals forget that not everyone is an expert. Family Vision Center understands that you need clear information when it comes to your eyesight and overall eye care, so we take care to explain everything so that our patients understand completely. We'll keep you fully informed regarding both your vision strength and your options.
For complete eye care from a true eye care specialist, trust your care to us.
Excellent service at our eye specialist in Anchorage, AK

Outstanding service

Family Vision Center's eye specialist is among a team of highly experienced professionals. Dr. Charles LeKites, Serving Anchorage in the same location for over 18 years!
We can provide the help you need to ensure your vision is as clear as possible. Our testing procedures are extremely accurate, so that your glasses or contacts will have the best possible lenses for your eyes.

Protect your eyesight with the help of our optometrists in Anchorage starting today!
Excellent service at our eye specialist in Anchorage, AK

The latest techniques

Dr. Charles LeKites at the Family Vision Center uses latest techniques and equipment for her patient evaluations and consultations. Your eye sight and health are important. And should be trusted only to a professional eye doctor with experience. Our eye doctor and staff can help you with the following services:
    • Complete eye examinations
    • Diabetic & Glaucoma evaluations
    • Laser surgery evaluations
    • Cataract surgery consultation
    • Foreign body removal
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